Things to remember when moving home

At first sight change of residence does not appear to be especially complicated task: the only thing you should do is just carry things from one place to another. However, it is difficult to hear similar sentence from customers who have had to move. The success of the operation thus depends on proper planning and preparation for your removals.

Advance removals planning

Happy family when packingThinking on each step of the move will save a lot of nerves, time and money. One of the basic principles is that every relocation must be planned well in advance paying attention to a few important facts.

Firstly, you must know that there are many steps that must be done for a long time before removal. If you think that the first thing you should do is to find the right Canterbury removals company, you're wrong. There are other tasks to be done before. You should begin planning your Ashford removals at least a few weeks earlier. Even then you should think about termination of contracts with media, such as electricity, gas, telephone, Internet, etc. 30 days or one full billing period is the most commonly used notice period. To avoid unnecessary costs, any request for termination of agreements should therefore be submitted well in advance, otherwise you may be charged for termination of the contract without proper notice.

Moving necessarily involves a change of address, it is obvious. You should therefore remember to notify all persons, institutions and authorities interested in your address, new data for correspondence.

This is often a requirement of contracts with banks and other institutions, and its breach may be associated with unpleasant consequences.

Moving yourself vs hiring removal company

Family moving on their ownIf you plan to use the services of professional Kent removal companies, you should start looking for them at least a month earlier. This will be particularly important if you are planning your relocation during the period of greatest demand for this type of service, ie, during the traditional holiday periods, other public holidays or long weekends. Number of removals also increases at the end of each month, which is associated with contracts ending in rental apartments and flats.

Comparison of several companies allow you to choose the best offer and move without stress. Companies offer different range of moving services in Kent: from hiring Kent man and van (in this case, packing and moving of your things you need to do yourself), and a comprehensive moving services - including the packing and securing any items , furniture dismantling and preparation for transport and their subsequent assembling and setting at the target site. It is also worth to do some research on whether a company has a team of reliable staff and the right moving equipment. Does the offer include insurance of goods in transit. A professional moving company  will provide transport of goods using trucks and vans specially adapted to this kind of activity. The main issue is to have cotton safety belts, which are used to fix the furniture. Cotton straps as opposed to synthetic materials, does not leave marks on the furniture. For extra safety, the car should be equipped with blankets to protect furniture, and the sides of the container covered with shock damping material and insulating furniture from the walls of the vehicle.

Even if you do not intend to use the services of professional firms, it is certainly that you will need extra help when moving home. You should ask in advance family or friends to help you on the move. It’s not recommended to use the services of helpers from ads, you cannot always count on their honesty and care of the entrusted property. In the event of an accident or any losses, no one will compensate it.

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