Avoiding the Stress of Moving House

Moving can be stressfulMoving homes can be a stressful and overwhelming experience, and is ranked up there by researchers as one of the most difficult experiences of adult life. You will be more-than-likely in the middle of a house purchase and will hopefully have accepted an offer on your current residence, so the thought of piling your entire life into boxes can be daunting.

Plan your move

Easy and stress free movingAs soon as you know your completion date, put it in the diary and start planning your moving from there.  The best starting place is to undertake a clear out of unwanted or useless possessions with an ‘out with the old and in with the new’ approach. Not only will this clear your house and make packing easier, but it will focus your mind on the move and make it more of a reality.  Moving into a new house is a clean slate and a fresh start, so don’t be afraid to put things up for sale or take a few things to the tip. If you didn’t need them in your old house it is unlikely they will be required in the new place. Selling items can also be a good chance to raise some much needed cash for the moving process.

Sit down and list who needs to know about your move including friends, family, utility providers and any magazine subscriptions. Some can be informed immediately, for example the local council. Many of these tasks can be undertaken via the relevant company websites, allowing you the freedom to complete them in your own time. It may be easier to tell friends and family via a bulk email or social media site, again saving you precious time.

Find removal company

Moving firm workerYou then need to find the easiest way to move. Do all your belongings need to move from one house to another in the same day, or do you have a period of days where you can transfer things across? Is it possible to move everything yourself or do you need professional help?  Hiring a large van and carrying out the physical work yourself can seem appealing and cost-effective, but it is often an exhausting and stressful process in itself. Professional Kent removals companies can be expensive, but are efficient and will reduce the hassle considerably, especially if you are moving some distance away.  Some will offer full packing services or partial packing (for example only service for packing kitchen appliances)for an additional cost, eliminating the stress completely if you have the budget!  Home moving specialists will need to be booked well in advance of your move (especially if you are moving abroad and looking for good Kent shipping company), and remember that most will want to come to your house to make an assessment before providing you with a quote.

If neither of these options is appealing then a good choice could be a Kent Man with a Van. Cheaper than a full removal company but slightly more expensive than renting a van, you can carry out much of the labour yourself but with the additional help of the van man. They will undoubtedly have carried out many moves before and will be able to offer valuable advice on getting sofas through tight doorways, arranging furniture so as not to damage it as well as many other conflict-causing dilemmas. 


Finally, in the build-up to the move remember to get plenty of sleep and maintain a healthy diet. Living out of boxes, working long into the night, surviving on unhealthy food and continual caffeine highs can lead to irritation and high stress levels for all, so make sure you are prepared!


A Guest Post from: http://moving-van.org.uk/move-home-with-a-reliable-soho-removals-company/


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