How to move furniture safely

How to lift sofa safely?Since furniture cannot usually be fit into packing boxes, most people are scared about what will happen to their furniture once it has been loaded into the truck of hired Kent removal company or into removals van. While working with a reliable removal companyis the first step towards making sure that all your things, including your furniture, are taken care of, there are other things you can do to make sure that your furniture does not get damaged during the transportation part of your Canterbury house removals. Imagine how heart-breaking it would be to reach your new home and find your furniture scratched or broken! That is why, in this article, we tell you how to keep your furniture secure during removals. By making sure that your furniture movers follow these steps, you can guarantee that no harm will come to your furniture when it’s being moved between the two addresses.

Right vehicle to move furniture

Loading furniture into the moving vanChoosing the right moving vehicle isn’t just a financial decision you need to make during your Chiswick house removal. The size of the vehicle will affect the safety of the belongings you want to move. If you have a light load but you hire a moving truck, there will be a lot of empty space inside. This means that your things can move around and fall, smash against the insides of the truck and get damaged. On the other hand, if you use Kent van hire services and try to cram too many things inside, they might bang against each other or break when you try to extract them later. Proper moving companies London will be able to advise you on the kind and size of moving vehicle you require.

Good loading strategy

Organize furniture in your moving truckLoading everything into a moving truck or the removals van isn’t limited to just lifting it all and placing inside the moving vehicle. For your furniture to be free from any harm, it needs to be arranged just right and in accordance with the other things inside the vehicle. When you are moving furniture along with other boxes and heavy items it is important to make sure nothing falls on the furniture, especially if you are moving antiques.  You can use the small spaces under hollow furniture such as underneath tables or under stools to store smaller moving boxes. Avoid storing anything on top of furniture, unless it is very sturdy and you are absolutely certain that it can take the weight. Don’t arrange high, towering piles of boxes close to any of the furniture: during the move these can topple over and fall on the furniture and thereby damage it.

Fasten furniture with ties

Once everything has been arranged inside the moving vehicle and you are satisfied with how you have optimised the space, the next step should be to make sure everything stays in its place during the move. Even if all your belongings are snugly fit inside the moving van, chances are they will probably shuffle around a bit on the road. This can lead to things toppling over or bumping into other things, which can cause damage. Most moving vehicles come outfitted with grooves and bars especially designed to take care of this need. What you need to do is ensure that the packers & movers (or you yourself) take some strong twine or rope and loop these around each piece or through any spaces in the furniture and then tie it to the grooves. This will make sure everything stays stationary and safe during the move and you can enjoy stress-free removals.

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