New office space

Office roomThere are numerous reasons why you want a new office space. It can for increased office space since your business has expanded and you need to accommodate more people in or it can be for your Kent office removals purpose in order to get close to your clients and an area that fits your company’s style. The actual reason can be anything but there are certain things you should keep in mind while looking for a new office space in Kent area.


Amount Of Space Required

Calculating the amount of office space needed ahead of time can save you from confusions later. Real estate agents try showing you even bigger spaces than you need and then try to convince you it would be useful. This may result in going out of your limited budget and can bring stress as well.

Buy or Rent an Office

Red Buy ButtonThis is a highly debatable topic while some are in favor of owning an office space while some are against it. However, if you prefer renting out the space it would give you a bit of flexibility in terms of moving out. Some other aspects like if the office location or the parking doesn’t suit you, you can again move out. But coming to the negative aspects, some owners doesn’t allow any further construction in the office if it’s already made or you can’t make any structural changes accordingly. So, keeping in mind your requirements, you need to choose if you will go with rented space of buy your own.

Once you have the necessary office space, you will need to make the office space like cabins, buy office furniture etc. But, there are some furnished office spaces available too which are obviously more costly. If you like the built-in office space and think it is what you were looking for then getting a similar office made might cost you somewhat the same money. So, it is up to you to figure out which one would be a better option for you while remaining within your budget.

New office space localization

It is a good idea to find an office space in an area that is convenient for you, your employees, suppliers, as well as clients. An office in the center of the city would be a bit costly but if your fuel and other good supplying cost decrease it may be a good idea to a pay a little extra. So, consider all your costs before choosing a particular area for your office.

Parking Space

Depending on the nature of your business, you might have plenty of customers visiting your office daily. So, is there enough parking available? Is there sufficient parking for your employees? Does it cater handicapped parking?

If majority of your employees prefer using public transport (bus or train) for travelling purposes, then you need to consider this factor as well. Go for a location that isn’t one corner of the town or where the public transport is easily available. 

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