Moving a piano

The piano is a delicate musical instrument that you need to protect against bumps during transportation. Inadequately or transported without adequate protection in an inappropriate vehicle may be damaged.

Before you start calling Kent house removals companies, you should start with more basic tasks, such as checking your brand of piano or grand piano, measuring size and estimate its approximate weight. Execution of these few simple steps will allow you to give full information to piano movers and avoid unnecessary confusion and embarrassment that you really do not know what equipment you have at home.

Piano movers in Kent

Heavy pianoTransportation of pianos requires experience and relevant skills. After determining the brand of piano, its weight, skilled worker must evaluate the range of work, the possibility of passing the instrument through the door, measure the width of stairways and make a plan of work, choosing an appropriate number of staff, equipment and materials for its security, and attaching piano in adapted vehicle. This approach to work can only offer a professional Kent removals company specializing in transportation of musical instruments and having many years of experience in the industry.

Selecting a company, you should not only be guided by the price of the service. Worth knowing are the opinions of those who benefited from the offer of the particular moving company. You should also pay attention to what vehicles have selected company and how long has been in piano moving business in Kent area. Each musical instrument requires a specific approach during handling and transport. This approach ensures use our companies who advertise on our website. An additional benefit to use our services is the ability to compare up to 5 piano movers in Kent area.

Piano moving costs in Kent

Of course, in addition to the thinking about mode of transport, measuring the piano and choosing local Tunbridge Wells man and van or Maidstone removal companies that can perform this service, a very important issue is the question of cost. Most average people do not have a clue about how much can cost you moving a piano in Kent. You can check this in several ways.

The first way is to look for reliable and possibly the most current information on the internet - in all sorts of sites dedicated to moving or simply online forums about removals in Kent area. However, the information found in this way, should be considered with a certain amount of distance - not necessarily to be absolutely true, because the internet almost everyone can post any content, especially in the online forum and its accuracy is rarely verified.

The second way, if only we have the opportunity to contact the person who has already benefited from the services moving musical equipment. Exchange of views with such a person can be a valuable experience and an opportunity to exchange insights, but unfortunately, due to the unusual nature of the service, it is harder to find someone who has used the services of Kent piano movers than is in the case of house removals.

Another third way is calling several companies offering piano removals, and on the basis of this pricelist to determine the price range. A good tip is to reject extreme proposals - the highest and lowest. Highest probably is too high, the lowest certainly does not ensure the proper performance of the service. Bargain prices and promotional activities do not always mean the best quality services, so you should be vigilant.

Can I move a piano on my own?

Tansport vehicleThere was a case when the music academy students in Kent helped his friend transport grand piano into a new flat. Their intentions were, of course, very noble, but ended, as you can guess, a total failure. The piano has been damaged, and one of the helpers had a serious injury. None of them even did not think that they will have to carry the piano down the stairs because it does not fit into the elevator. The staircase was quite wide but they had to move the piano from the fourth floor. Friends decided to cope with this difficult task in four, but unfortunately, not thinking about how to do it. The frame was quite wide so piano easily passed through the door. Students were able to go down for the second floor, where one of the four could not stand the weight and the piano fell on his foot. As a result, the student landed in the hospital with a broken leg, and sensitive piano mechanism was damaged. This in turn entailed a large expenditure for the repair.

So is it worth it alone to tackle the transportation of pianos? Is it not better to entrust this difficult job for a professional moving company? There are some services like moving antiques in Kent or moving safes which require special tools and equipment to do it easily. It’s why you should think twice before you decide to do it on your own. However if you are on the budget you can still try to do it on your own In this case check Kent van hire services and remember to ensure adequate manpower and before that look at the methods and advices on transportation of pianos.

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