How to pack kitchen stuff

Boxes with kitchen itemsThere might be a time in your life when you will have to shift to another place to live. Maybe you are going through your removals right now or might go through it in the near future. However, one of the most important things to consider at this instance is the packing of the kitchen stuff. As much simpler might it seem, but the truth is that packing the kitchen accessories is one of the most important and delicate tasks in the shifting process. There is a series of 6 steps which you must follow to make sure that your kitchen stuff is packed in a good way.


Figure out what you want

The first step in the packing process is to figure out what you actually want. You can start preparation even eight weeks before moving. There might be some things which are of no use now or might need to be changed. Just put away those useless things and get those things ready to pack which you really need. It would be good if you make a list of all the things which are supposed to be packed for future reference.

Getting boxes

Woman packing dishesIt is quite important that you separate your kitchen accessories in different boxes so that it is easy to unpack later. You should get some boxes of various sizes, although large ones are preferred. You can get them from local stores or ask your local Maidstone removal companies if they supply cheap moving boxes. The boxes should be made of cardboard as it is easy to carry and is safe as well. Name all your boxes with the materials they will be used for.


Packing Dishes, Pots and Pans

We are aware of the fact that dishes and pots are delicate items which need to be handled with care. In this regard, it is important to pack all of these in the very first place. You should gather all your dishes and start putting them in the boxes. You should make sure that they are packed tightly so that they do not slide over and lead to breakage.

Packing of Bottles and Glassware

Well, the next delicate stuff which needs to be packed carefully is materials made of glass. These materials should be packed in small boxes which should be then accumulated in a large box. This is important to avoid all kind of breakage. Furthermore, it is also helpful to put the heavy things at the bottom of the box so that it does not impose weight on other things.

Packing Shelves and drawers

This step is for those people who own a portable kitchen. Considering that portable kitchens nowadays are really expensive, the materials should be carried quite carefully to make sure there is not any damage. You should follow some essential tips on how to move furniture safely. The first and foremost step in this regard is to pack all the shelves and drawers. While the drawers could be packed in large boxes, the shelves need to be put aside and transported as they are. There is no point of packing these large shelves. The same should be the procedure to transport other heavy items.

Packing kitchen appliances

Kitchen full of boxesThe last step in the packing of kitchen is to make sure that all the appliances are packed. These might range from small appliances such as ovens and kettles to large ones like fridge, cooker, etc. For large appliances you may require additional hands with disconnecting and securing. If you hire Maidstone man with van team, they have knowledge and tools allowing easily disconnect and protect any kind of white goods. Small appliances should be packed in small and large boxes based on their size. However, large appliances should be packed in special boxes which would be able to hold them properly. You might need to get a special box to cover your refrigerator, for example.

After all these steps are done, you just need to get rid of any useless stuff which you will not need anymore. All of the packed boxes should be put aside and it should be made sure that they are handled with care so there is no breakage. That is all; you are done with packing your kitchen! However if you think that you are not able to handle all the packing yourself, check the benefits of professional movers – they will do it easily and you will save your time and nerves. 

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