Easy moving

Moving - what to do to the whole process was smooth, cheap and safe? The prospect of moving into a new home is exciting - new home, new life. However, when we begin to think about the whole removals process, comes to mind a lot of negative associations. It is a big undertaking, requiring us to make number of decisions. Where to start, which of removal companies in Ashford is the best, what to take and what to leave? Finally, packing belongings of few years of life is not that easy.

Advance removals planning

Moving, boxes, planningProper planning is the key to success also in the case of removal. With proper planning, you can avoid unnecessary chaos  - you can get everything completed on time, and after moving you will easily find items packed in different boxes. When planning a move, you should always add at least a day or two for unforeseen events. If you can, take a few days off - so you can pack everything calmly  and unpack in your new home.

Very helpful may be a checklist, where you write down:  the deadline for moving, contact details of moving companies or individuals that will help you in the project, as well as a list of tasks that you need to perform (termination of contracts with media providers, change of address, notification of your friends, etc.).

Hire moving companies

When you planning a move, it is best to hire a professional moving firm. Using moving services does not have to be expensive, and you will save a lot of time and a lot of nerves. When choosing a moving company, you should always compare several offers, check reviews and opinions on the Internet, ask for recommendations among your friends or family. Check firms in surrounding towns. If you are moving from Maidstone, you should also check Canterbury removals firms.  There are a lot of companies offering a diverse range of removal services in Kent. You can just hire van in Kent and do all the packing and moving things on your own, or you can benefit from full service removals, where all tasks like packing, securing,  loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking is the responsibility of the moving company. If you moving large or heavy items, like moving piano, safes, large wardrobes, etc, you should consider hiring professional movers to avoid damages or injuries.

Black sofaWhen choosing a company, you should always verify removal company, check whether it has the right equipment, skilled workers, and that if it offers insurance of the transported goods. Costs of moving are very  important when choosing a company but  the cheapest offer should not be the only factor in choosing a company. Try to avoid suspiciously cheap and anyone unfamiliar companies, sometimes it's better to pay slightly higher costs and focus on recognizable company.

Importantly, by choosing well-known moving company, you can be confident of the valuable items, family heirlooms and delicate equipment - professional companies are fully insured and employed workers are experts who not only will carry everything from point a to b, but will help you with packing and give advice and answer any questions.  Year of experience allows them easily cope with unusual jobs, like moving pianos, oversized furniture or moving antiques in Kent.  With professionals, relocation will not be too much trouble. Remember about signing of the agreement, even if you need to move just couple of items and hire Maidstone man and van for just one hour job. Do not decide on any oral arrangements. The contract is your protection, if you need to claim.

Take, leave, discard

Plan in advance what you absolutely need to take with you to your new place of residence. Moving is the ideal time to clean up all your things and get rid of those you do not need anymore, and which remain in the closets, pantries, attics. Many people have a tendency to accumulate unnecessary things, so the move is a good excuse to get rid of the clutter.

At this stage, think about the furniture that you take with you, and that you leave. Some of the items may be thrown away, while others may require disposal. If you want to get rid of old appliances, electronics and furniture, remember that you cannot throw them away in garbage! The removal of large rubbish should be left to a specialized company, which should remove the unwanted and unnecessary items, carry them to a landfill or for recycling. Only then can you a guarantee that discarded items will go to the right place and will not be harmful to the environment.

Pack reasonably

Packed ready to moveFrom the very beginning of the planning your removals, consider what you use to pack your belongings. You can ask for moving boxes in nearby stores. If you hire a professional  removals company, you do not have to worry about anything - such companies are fully equipped with packing boxes, trolleys and the right tools for disassembly and re-assembly of furniture and other objects as well as different protective materials to secure your stuff during transport - stretch film and bubble wrap, blankets, straps, etc.

Here are some helpful tips for packing:

  • label all cartons in detail, this will facilitate later unpacking,
  • do not put to a single box or bag too many heavy objects, because it may be too heavy and difficult to move, and secondly too heavy box is more susceptible to tear or give out at the bottom,
  • all fragile items like china, mirrors, paintings, etc., additionally secure with bubble wrap or newspaper to prevent damage during transport,
  • TV and audio equipment should be transported in its original packaging, since such packages are least vulnerable to any damage,
  • clothing, blankets or bedding can be packed into large plastic bags as they are strong and can accommodate more stuff than boxes,
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