Removals planning -  8 weeks before move

Good organization and proper planning for at least eight weeks before the scheduled date of removal is the key to a smooth relocation, both house and sucessfull office removals. It is worth to make a list of tasks to do when moving so that not forget anything.

Find Canterbury removal companies

Looking for removal company on internetStart looking for Canterbury moving companies that have experienced personnel, having insurance and having its own premises in this way will avoid amateur operators. Take extra care when you are looking for Canterbury man and van firms, even small service providers should be registered and have insurance. Please do not forget your personal belongings, often valuable and sentimental items, are entrusted in someone else's hands. Maybe someone in your family, or colleagues recently used the services of such company? Recommendation is the best way to find solid removal firm and satisfied customer is the best reference.  Alternatively you can compare offers from several companies and choose best in your opinion.  Make sure that the moving firm have a free date preferred by you. Many companies do not work on Sundays, or can be busy running a large business relocation. If you cannot find company in your area, you can expand your search to the neighboring towns.  Just because you did not find any company available for your preferred moving date in Canterbury area, does not mean you will not find any removal company in Ashford or any other location in Kent.


In the meantime, look around your home or office and think about what you take, and what is better to get rid of. Not all of the furniture and electronics equipment or appliances will be used in a new home or apartment. Some things can be discarded, others you will need to dispose of such as a refrigerator or a washing machine, and some you may want to give to your friends or family, or to local charity or other organizations. Furniture and other valuable equipment you can try to sell on auction sites, like Ebay or Gumtree. Check our tips on selling unwanted stuff online!

Moving date

Moving dateAt the beginning of preparations for the move, you should start thinking about convenient moving date. For each of us, a convenient means something else. If you are moving with children, the holiday period will be definitely the best choice. Despite the fact that it is not the cheapest time to move, but your children will have enough time to say hello to old friends but also to meet new ones, and prepare to begin learning in the new school.

If you are lucky and you can freely choose your preferred moving day, consider the period just after the summer holidays or late spring, when companies are not as crowded, and this results in lower prices. The cheapest rates are offered in the middle of the week, but in case when you work during the week and can’t take a vacation, you are left with a choice of weekend, however, you must take into account the higher moving costs.

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