Moving antiques

Truck for moving stuffIf you are a collector of antiques then you need no telling of what they mean to many people. It is not just a matter of monetary value, as the business of collecting things is not limited to profit alone in most instances. If this were the case then no one would really collect marbles now would they? In reality, value is defined by collectibility rather than the other way round, and condition reflects the collectibility and therefore the price. Antiques are a particularly useful collection to have, as they can make your home look absolutely wonderful, and show off the fantastic taste that the owner of the home in question has. For this reason, you will likely want to ensure that your valuable, collectible and beautiful antiques remain in these conditions. Essentially there is little to be done that is not obvious, but there are often times when you may miss something or be left scratching your head by something that you may have was pretty simple. Therefore, here are a few examples of ways in which you can make your removals a lot more antique friendly.

Antique removals services

First off, would you hire a taxi driver to compete in a formula one race? Of course not, so why hire a removal company London to move your antiques? There are also specialist art and antiques removals companies in Ashford, Maidstone or Canterbury that are trained in moving precious objects from place to place. These sorts of wonderful things need displaying to be fully recognized for their grandeur, so there are many companies about who are geared up towards making these trips happen. You will not want them to do the whole move, unless you live in a period set house, so you should look into getting the rest of the move done by a regular company or a Canterbury man and van service. You will find also a lot of opinions about Kent movers on the Internet what will allow you to verify removal companies in your area.

Antiques moving specialists

If you are not in the money, or you do not have enough antiques that hiring a separate remover would be justified, you can do things to prevent the precious items from being damaged in transitYou should always hire a company who are geared towards ensuring that your things are at their safest at all times, so when it comes to your most valuable items, you can have a word with the team about how they should be loaded and stored, and what the most delicate parts may be. You should oversee the transit of these items in person if you can, as this will mean that there is no risk of things happening out of your control. This should make you a lot more relaxed about the whole process.

Packing antiques

Antique furniturePacking the antique items well can be a great way to prevent any damage happening and relax you a little as well. There are wooden crates that are perfect for packing items away in a way that will prevent anything from damaging them when shipping in Kent. These can be bought from antiques dealers, and are used in flights, so you can be confident that your items will come to no harm. If you cannot afford these sorts of measures towards protecting your things, there are ways in which you can pack without the crates. Using hardboard or cardboard over delicate surfaces will prevent scratching, and placing things in the van with blankets and card between them will prevent rocking items of furniture from bashing each other. Be sure to identify any brittle details that could come away easily, and you should be ready to get all of your items on the move!

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